Striped Bass Angler Survey

The Striped Bass Research Team is committed to Striped Bass conservation. In order to reach this goal, much can be gained from those that interact with this fish. Your perceptions of Striped Bass and practices in Striped Bass angling are important pieces of the puzzle to better understand the recreational fishery and the interaction of humans and fish. We ask for your help to compile what you know.

This survey is comprehensive covering topics such as fish handling and health, angling gear, bait, fishing trip travel, and all sorts of bits on Striped Bass regulations, conservation, and economics. Comprehensive surveys are good because questions can be linked in useful ways to gain a better understanding than asking only a few questions. Comprehensive also means that the survey will take some time (over 20 minutes) to complete, but the end results will be most excellent!

This survey is focused on Striped Bass anglers including those that are First Nations people. The survey is hosted on a different website that can be accessed with the link below. Clicking on the link will take you to the survey and return you to this website upon completion.

This survey is a follow up to a prior survey conducted from 2010-2014. The two surveys will be analyzed and compared to provide better information for conservation. If you have completed a survey from 2010-2014, please do complete this new survey!

If you have already completed the 2016 version of this survey (this is the current version) through an interview with Lita, or by paper survey, then please do not complete it again; we have your practices and perceptions already recorded! Please do pass this link to your fishing pals so they can complete it. Our goal is 400 participants. Help make that happen!

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Surveys Completed to 13 June 2019

  2009-2014 2016-2019
Completed 145
(34 online, 111 in person)
(177 online, 59 in person)
Goal 150 400
Percent 97% 59%