Our Goal

Our goal is to collect information that is currently unknown about Striped Bass for the betterment of this species. We contribute information to help conservation efforts.

Our projects are undertaken by research students at Acadia in collaboration with local NGOs, community fishers, First Nations, government organizations, and other academics. The projects we undertake will lead to publications in peer-reviewed scientific articles, but we also try to contribute the collective knowledge on Striped Bass back to our community. Scientific articles are the best way to disseminate new knowledge about Striped Bass so that the information can be used by others. We will try to post relevant and interesting scientific information on this website in a user-friendly form.

The Striped Bass Research Team and Miramichi Striper Cup volunteers

Our Team

Dr. Trevor Avery, Acadia University
Dr. Russell Easy, Acadia University
Danielle Quinn, Memorial University (Ph.D. Candidate) Project
Lita O'Halloran, Acadia University (M.Sc. Candidate)
Hillary Dort, Acadia University (B.Sc. Honours Student 2017-18)

We also work with a number of community partners including non-profit organizations, community groups, clubs, universities, and commercial, first nations, and recreational anglers

Former Team Members

Emma Carmichael, Acadia University (Honours Student 2016-2017)
Julia Whidden, Acadia University (MSc Student/Research Assistant 2013-2015)  Project Thesis/Report
Caroline Wood, Acadia University (Technician 2014-2015)
Heather Reed, Acadia University (MSc Student/Volunteer)  Project/Volunteer
Noel Geser (Technician 2013-2014)
Elise Hebert, Acadia University (Honours Student 2011)  Project Thesis/Report
Tom Labenski, Acadia University (Honours Student 2011) Thesis/Report
Alicia Pray-Leslie (Research Assistant 2011-2012)
Maja Reinhartsen (Research Assistant 2011)

If you are interested in joining the team, please email stripedbass@acadiau.ca or visit our contact page



The SBRT is an independent research group. Acadia University hosts our website because the primary investigator, Dr. Trevor Avery, is a faculty member at Acadia. There are other research groups at Acadia that also undertake research on Striped Bass; some of those groups and their projects are listed on this website for information only. SBRT funding is provided by many sources (see projects), but we are not 'controlled' by funders.