Working Together

The Striped Bass Research Team is involved in many partnerships with local organizations and individuals to assist in reaching common goals. If you or your organization is interested in becoming a community partner, contact us!

Community Partners

Acadia University

Acadia University provides the research facilities, resources, and support for us to conduct our academic research.

University of New Brunswick / Canadian Rivers Institute

Dr. Scott A. Pavey and his lab are currently researching Striped Bass genomics using next generation sequencing. The SBRT and this lab share both scale samples for genetics research and the associated data. 

Clean Annapolis River Project (CARP)

CARP is an organization dedicated to promoting education, awareness, and sustainable actions in regards to the Annapolis River system. The goal is to maintain a thriving ecosystem free of pollution in both freshwater and marine areas of the Annapolis River Watershed.

Darren Porter

Darren Porter is a weir fisher and bait seller out of Upper Burlington, Hants Co.. He has allowed and collaborated on research projects out of his weir on striped bass and other fish species.

Mi'kmaw Conservation Group

The mission of the Mi'kmaw Conservation group is "To promote and restore the concept and practice of Netukulimk in the Fundy Watershed". The MCG currently has projects on striped bass and the American eel.

Shubenacadie River Commercial Fisherman's Association

SRCFA is a group of Nova Scotian commerical gaspereau fishers operating on the Stewiacke river. They help provide information on the status of striped bass populations.

Striped Bass Association

SBA (formerly SBAANS) is a group of Nova Scotian anglers who represent the views of striped bass anglers. They are a voice to the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) on striped bass conservation and concerns such as regulations, permits, populations, and best practices.

Sipekne’katik First Nation

Sipekne’katik First Nation (Indian Brook), which in Mi’kmaq means, “where the wild potatoes grow.” This First Nations group holds a free annual Striped Bass derby to encourage community development, youth interactions in the outdoors, and fun! Every year they invite the SBRT to participate in this event and individuals offer us traditional ecological knowledge on how to improve both our angling skills and our research.

Miramichi Striper Cup & the City of Miramichi

This is another annual Striped Bass tournament put on by the famous Jeff Wilson, the City of Miramichi, and many volunteers. They aim to bring together a broad demographic of fishing enthusiasts for some fun competition. The SBRT collects data from the fish caught at this tournament for length-weight-age relationships of Striped Bass and to speak with recreational anglers about our research and their questions/concerns. 

Kids Action Program

Kids Action Program holds an annual catch and keep Striped Bass derby in Walton, Nova Scotia to raise funds for their program. The program offers coordinated primary prevention services to families with young children in rural areas. Programs include play and music programs for children, a toy and parent resource library, and workshops and parenting programs for young and single parents. The SBRT attends this event every year to promote our research and assist with measuring and weighing Striped Bass

Wynn's Fishing Rigs

Wynn's Fishing Rigs is a local bait and tackle shop that is directed for Striped Bass fishing in Nova Scotia. They include information about our research in their tackle rigs, give out our outreach materials from their shop, and promote us on their Facebook page.

Minasview Bait & Tackle

Minasview is a small local bait and tackle shop located in Walton, Nova Scotia that helps promote our research by distributing outreach materials from their shop and answering our angler surveys.