Citizen Science

The aim of Citizen Science is to engage volunteers in science-based activities. In all of our research on Striped Bass, Citizen Science plays a major role. Anyone who participates in a program, collects and provides information is a Citizen Scientist.

We have developed a Striped AmBASSador Citizen Science program to support the various research activities we undertake. Under this program, there are several AmBASSador types.

Striped AmBASSador

The program has 3 prongs that provide information on Striped Bass and angling practices. If you don't feel like this much commitment, see our Striped Bass Survey! It is a questionnaire designed to provide information on the social and economic aspects of Striped Bass recreational fishing.

Catch Ambassador

Through enlisting volunteers, Striped Bass data such as lengths/weights, fishing location, date/time, and scales samples are collected and information is deposited via email, log books, or (soon!) to an online database. The online database will map catch data! If you are a Striped Bass angler, and are willing to provide these types of catch data, contact us now!

Historical Ambassador

Records of Striped Bass caught in decades past (1950-2016) provide a historical perspective on fish populations. Size distributions, location of catches, and fishing dates/times are all useful. If you have any historical information, we would love to compile it into our database! Other historical information such as Traditional/Local Ecological Knowledge is also welcome!

Angling Ambassador

Most recreational anglers know their stuff! Angling AmBASSadors know the regulations, know the rivers, and know how to minimize threats associated with handling stress while fishing Striped Bass. Their contribution to the collective knowledge and their historical knowledge of Striped Bass is invaluable and provides context and direction for future research. As well, we often require hands-on help to catch Striped Bass to be sampled and tagged. If you think you fit this description and/or want to get involved with helping us sample and tag fish, contact us today!

Tagging Ambassador

Coming Soon: Now it's your chance to learn how to tag Striped Bass, and participate in our tagging program! Stay tuned for information about tagging workshops happening in your community!

Striped Bass dart tags with contact information and tag number used in our research - O'Halloran, 2017